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Interact. Influence. Inform.

Be heard, Be Visible. Co-ordinate and Organise.
Network at Events. Receive Support.
Empower your Workforce.

We offer a yearly membership for you and/or your business. 


Have your views and issues with BHCC Planning Department raised at regular, high level meetings between PAF and BHCC Head of Planning.

Receive regular news and feedback on progress within BHCC Planning.

Abot Us

About Us

We believe the forum is a suitable vehicle for a collective approach from agents to the LPA to discuss general matters of joint interest and to share and hear ideas for the continual improvement of the City's Planning Service.


We meet regular with the Planning Authority headed by the Head of Planning and attended by senior managers. These meetings are chaired by PAF. We also organise workshops with the LPA and interact with our members by way of meetings/events.


Through these meetings and workshops we seek to influence policy and practice in the way the Planning Services are delivered by the LPA and the statutory consultees. We also make representations on all draft policy documents. We can and will raise issues as requested by members.


Through our quarterly meetings we are able to inform the LPA as a collective of the key issues and perspectives from the Agents standpoint.

We inform members of these meetings/workshops etc. on our website, email and at our AGM and other meetings.


We are a group of Architects, Town Planners and other Planning Professionals, who regularly submit Planning Applications in the City and who have come together to lobby the promotion of the best possible Planning Service and to speak as a single voice in calling the Local Planning Authority to account.



Whether you are active in our committees and working groups, attend key events or simply make use of the documents and reports we create, there is something to be gained from becoming a member.

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The subscription runs for a year from when you join.

Membership subscriptions help to support the work of the Forum. Subscriptions pay for the website and meetings, and therefore provide support for a rigorous campaign of holding the LPA to account and ensure good communication for the dissemination of information and to increase the understanding of issues on and around Planning in the City.

Sole Trader

Individual Membership


Membership  for SME's and MME's



News Update 06/06/24

Statement from Max Woodford


"I just wanted to drop you a line because I am pleased to confirm that Nicola Hurley has been successful in her application for the Head of Planning role. Nicola has been acting into the post in an interim position for over 6 months now and doing a fantastic job, so I am pleased to be able to make the role permanent. This has taken some time because we wanted to run a proper assessment process, including external stakeholder oversight – which is right for a role of this significance in the council and the wider city. Nicola has proved herself very worthy.  Given Nicola has already been doing the role on an interim basis, her permanent position will take effect immediately."


Planning Agents Forum holds Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 24th April 2024 at the Friends Meeting House

Meetings with LPA

Regular meetings have continued between PAF committee and Head of Planning and their management team, in these meetings we air our experiences and hold the LPA to account.

LPA Quarterly Review

Adding our comments to the LPA's Quarterly Review which is sent to the Councillors.

Join us on our journey.

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